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I remember..  / Billy Parris (not related )
Ryan...its been quite a few years since you've gone on home but I still remember like yesterday the courage and fight that you fought to pro long your life and struggle with hemophilia. I now am dealing with the consequences of HIV and it was because of your foundation that my meds were taken care of. You are a pioneer my brother and I thank you for your sacrifice.
My Inpiration.  / Saranea Rickman (someone)

Ryan, You are my inspiration. My name is Saranea, I'm a 16 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. I've been through alot in life and even though I never had the honor to meet you, I know you were a great person, After reading your book I realized just how inspiring you really are. You and my bestfriend Skylar had alot of the same qualities determination wise. but sadly she passed from bone cancer almost 4 years ago. Say Hi to her for me will you.? I'm actually doing my english research paper about you so I can teach my friends more about your story, and this summer I hope to pay my respects at your grave. I really hope one day we can meet in heaven. Thanks for teaching this world a lesson and for bieng my hero. I love you.

Rest in Paradise.



Saranea Elizabeth Rickman

Ryan White.  / Kiya Goldut (Admirator)
Ryan , my hero , Rest In Peace . i am so sorry that a beautiful boy , cute and sweet like you has died at 18 suffering from AIDS . I will always love and admire you!
dear Ryan and his family.  / Jonathan Long (middle name )
Like many kids you wonder how your parents came up with your name. my name is Jonathan Ryan Long, my first name is because my dads name was john and he hated when my grandmother called him jonathan. My middle name came from you, my dad told me a story of you and he said you were at the hospital in ky when i was born so he couldnt think of a better middle name for me. now that im a parent and married a woman whom lost her uncle to AIDS we protipate in the AIDS walk in DE so this year in the walk instead of her uncle ill be wearing a remembers shirt and do the walk in your honor... R.I.P ryan white

I NEVER KNEW AND YOU NEVER ME BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN MY HEART I was born eight years after Ryan died and had no idea who he was or that he even existed until 2 years ago. I was in the sixth grade and went to the library at my school.  I saw a picture of a boy on the cover of a book and thought well i have to get but don't have to read it. I read the f,irst page and I thought it was interesting so i continued to read. since that day in sixth grade i've read the  book about ten times his story touched my heart. This year io'm 8th grade and we have to do a  research paper for an assignment. well its abot time someone other than 3 people at my school heard his story. So i decided to tell my classmates his story. Nomatter how old i get his story will forever be in my heart. I MUGHT NOT HAVE KNOW HIM OR EVEN BEEN BORN B4 HE DIED BUT HE IS MY HERO AND I HOPE THAT WHEN I GROW UP MY KIDS WILL HAVE SOMEONE THAT INSPIRES THEM AS MUCH A RYAN INSPIRES  ME. It's people grew up and go by the example Ryan set for us.  I thank Ryan for his amazing struggle and his mom Jeanne white for having a son who didn't just fight for himself but for others as well. YOU ALWAYS LIVE NO MATTER THE FACT THAT YOU'RE GONE.

rest in peace  / Angel Guerin (fan:))
Last year in Bio. i watched a movie about you and i thought you were amazing...right now in my english class i'm doing a report about you and i've learned soo much about what you did to educate the world on AIDS and HIV...I luv you and i will miss  you very much.
Ryan "Gone Too Soon  / Preston Crawford (Friend)
I remember the one day i was watching this story and i cried for days and days! At that time i realized that its not fun to have aids so every year i make a tribute to the foundation..... I wish that he could still be here today. He left to soon but i again realize that he is in a better place.... and that he is now in Gods hands. I will miss him very much and may he R.I.P Ryan "Gone Too Soon" See you in Heven.
u were too cool  / Erica A.

i would not have much to say but i only wonder if there will ever be another you!!!!! gone too soon .......ily.....  

I love Ryan  / Kristen Petro (Fan)
Dear Ryan, I am 13 years old, and I have read your story. Your courage inspires me every day. I love you so much, Ryan! You will always be my hero! Love, Kristen
i am very sorry  / Keirstin Sibley (fan)
i am so sorry for the pain you went through i lost my son wen he was 3 days old it is very  hard to go through my hart and love is with  you and ryan is with bouth you and me life life one day at a time it will help to keep up thank you

keirstin sibley
An Open Letter to Ryan  / Ian Stiltner
Mei 30 2011 Dear Ryan I can’t believe I am writing this. I am 27 now and I was a kid when I first heard your name. It might have been a snippet on Oprah Geraldo A Current Affair – who knows? I was too young to know what AIDS was and to understand what was happening... And now to look back and see what you went through. I am a grown man and I rarely ever cry but with your story I have literally spent hours researching reading and watching your life and weeping. I am not understanding why I am crying watching this because I don’t see you crying through any of it. Last weekend I went to Chicago for what was supposed to be a fun weekend. But it wasn’t. I was surrounded by drunk men who have never even heard of you and are too self-centered to look… yet spend their “lives” railroading for AIDS awareness and gay rights (these days they often go hand-in-hand). As I sat there I began to think about things and then I felt like a jerk; I can’t explain why. So the only thing I could do was to stalk out a corner to be by myself and I cried. The world has changed so much since you have been here. Things like “September 11th” were things that our generation could have never fathomed. Nevertheless as much as the world has gotten worse other parts have improved. Had your story happened in the 2000s with its improvement in HIV medicines you would still be with us. Who knows what you would have done with your life? You are inspiring me to go back to school to get my RN so that I can work at the Children’s Hospital here in Columbus. I love you Ryan. Your spirit is with me. I just had to write this. -- Bubba
what a miracle you are thank you so much  / Joneshia Crawford (inspiration and life saver )
thank you for not giving up thank you for keep fighting you are the best person in the world for always keeping your head up and never giving up if it wasent for you me and the rest of the world wouldint of know bout aids. i really wish i could of meet youbut until then i hope to see you in the next life
gone but never forgotten  / Jojo Crawford (inspiration)
the moment i heared and saw him he inspired me what a inspiration he has been to me. i thank god he made ryan white because without i would of not of known bout aids
I Remember....  / Carrie Dominguez
For some reason I thought about you today.  I was only 9 when you left.  Not sure why you cross my mind sometimes.  Your story has just always stuck with me.  Thank you for helping to educate the world.
THANK YOU RYAN WHITE!!!  / Gloria Flores (non)
Dearest Ryan  I would like you to know how GREATFUL I AM by the sacrifices you & your mom made by letting US into your lives at a time where most of US would just want to drop OFF the face of this EARTH or Run & hide!!! You & your mom did neither! People were VERY  IGNORANT to the fact of what AIDS is and was all about. You & your mom PUT A HUMAN FACE to AIDS when NO-ONE ELSE WOULD!!! For the fear of reprecussion. I watched every piece of news on you & what you were going through & I prayed for you to pull through somehow... People DO REMEMBER YOU & WILL NEVER FORGET YOU & YOUR MOM AND WHAT YOU WENT THROUGH. Sir Elton John is a wonderful manno doubt! IM glad he was there for you in the form of a Guardian Angel JUST WHEN YOU NEEDED ONETHERE HE WAS!!!!! I cried when you passed away and knew that there were REAL people CHILDREN who were suffering with this terrible disease and YOU help to HUMANIZE & DIGNIFY this disease called AIDS. TODAY WE REMEMBER YOU RYAN WHITE FOR THE LIFE YOU LIVEDTHE LIFE YOU HOPED TO LIVETHE LIFE YOU LEFT BEHINDTHE LOVE & LEGACY IN YOUR NAMESAKE IS GREATLY APPRESHIATED!!! THANK YOU RYAN WHITEMAYGOD BLESS YOU AS YOU NOW SING WITH THE ANGELS.....
Sweet, sweet angel.  / Taryn Nichelle (my hero and inspiration )
Ryan i could literally go on for hours about how you changed my life. Long story short i was in a bad place and on the wrong path and you have changed me in the best way possible. I love you more than words can say. I'm going to medical school and going to specialize in infectious diseases.geez i'm already crying. Thankyou ryan you were a gift from God and you have inspired so many people. You have touched more people in 18years than people do in a whole lifetime! Once again i love you. When i see you some day i know you wont be suffering. God bless you sweetheart.
Has it been 20 years already?  / Nelda Fairley (fan)

It's hard to believe it's already been 20 years since Ryan passed away. *sigh* It seems like just yesterday I was reading about his story and hoping that he would live forever. I guess in a way he will live forever in our hearts. I look at his pictures online and what a perfect smile he had!

What a shame Ryan had to endure all those threats and people shunning him because he had aids. I wish they would show the story about his life again. I wanted to tape it the time it came on tv but ended up missing the first part of the movie.

It wasn't his fault that he contracted the disease. I wished that people knew more about aids back then so he didn't have to go through all the crap he had to go through. I'm not afraid to touch someone or to hug someone with aids and I wished I could have met Ryan.

I don't think he should have been expelled just because he had aids. I think that was taking away his rights as a human being. He should've had been able to continue his education and not had to listen to his class through the telephone.

Does anyone know whether his mother received his dipolma after his death? I really hope that the school gave it to her since he was a month away from graduating and that they offered an apology to his mother for how they treated Ryan.

He was definitely "gone too soon" and will be missed. But I know he's in a much better place.

Saying a prayer for Ryan and my thoughts and prayers also go out to this family as they remember memories of their hero.


Rest now sweet Angel  / Erica Johnson (viewer)
It's been 20 years since you've been gone but you have inspired so many people to take a stand for people with HIV/AIDS. You were truly an angel and my God keep you safe rest now for your soul is at peace.
How I Found Ryan!  / Brea Whitaker
At first I didn't know who Ryan White was. Until I was watching tv and they was playing all of Michael Jackson's videos. The video GONE TOO SOON had came. I was wondering who that cute little boy was. As I was listening to the song I started to cry. Then at the end it said Ryan White. So I started to do research on him. I was wondering how somebody could say mean stuff to him. I read they had a book about me so I got it. But I'm not finish reading it. If I was born I would have been his friend or girlfriend. He was nice sweet and caringwho loved life. Ryan didn't think he was going to die he just wanted to be a normal teenager like everybody else. I listen to Gone Too Soon almost every day. I wish he didn't die but he lived longer than suppose to. Ryan will always be in my heart. When I die I hope to see him there. R.I.P RYAN WHITE
Gone But Not 4gotten  / Brenda Garcia (viewer)

I read this story a long time ago due to the fact that I was so deep with like everything that Micheal jackson did.

When i read the story how Micheal help Ryan through laughing and even beening a great friend you couldn't fine anyone better. I just want to say that now Ryan and Micheal are singing, dancing, laughing now together. Rest in peace Ryan and Micheal.

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