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Johanna Green lit a candle on 12/05/2011: "You will never be forgotten Ryan. We are only a year and a half apart and I remember you well. Your memory lives on xx"
Bridget Korley lit a candle on 12/01/2011: "I will miss you so much and my hopes, heart and dreams go out to you and your family. I wish you were still here. R.I.P."
Sunshine Wiley lit a candle on 11/29/2011: "You will always be remembered Ryan :)"
Keirstin Sibley lit a candle on 11/21/2011: "ryan rip i will rember you story and tell aney one that will like to talk about it thank you for the fight you gave rip"
Keirstin Sibley lit a candle on 11/21/2011: "hey ryan YOU ARE A HERO in my eyes in tell we meet in the land of peace i will pray for you miss you a big fan good bye"
Kristen Petro lit a candle on 11/18/2011: "I will love you forever, Ryan! I miss you!"
ANDREA Chalmers lit a candle on 11/14/2011: "Hi Ryan Loved your book, If I ever get to your grave I will visit with flowers. Andrea GB-- kiss,kiss,hug,h-ug"
Sophia Tate lit a candle on 11/13/2011: "Ryan to me you are the true face of bravery and hope. You faced the biggest challenge of your lmy hero."
Keasia Lance lit a candle on 11/12/2011: "finished the ryan white story for a project it really gave me a new perspective on prejudging , aids & etc ."
Candi Avlakeotes lit a candle on 11/11/2011: "You have never been forgotten Ryan. The funds in your name helped run a hospice for years. Thank You!"
Candice Murphy lit a candle on 11/10/2011: "Thank you Ryan for your courage and know that today your story is educating people around the world.UR not forgotten"
Cesar Valdivia lit a candle on 10/23/2011: "Ryan you are truly an inspiration. You have inspired me to get up when i have fallen. R.I.P buddy"
Gurdeep Singh lit a candle on 10/11/2011: "You spirit has been a becon in my life through MJ's Gone Too Soon. London UK."
LizI Waters lit a candle on 10/08/2011: "Ryan- U have taught me so much through ur compassion,strength,--tolerance,bravery-,& wisdom. U r 4ever my hero/alwys. R.I.P"
Loyda Perez -. Santiago lit a candle on 09/16/2011: "RIP Ryan Thank you for youre courage and caring for a world that sometimes is so cruel ."
Andrea White lit a candle on 09/05/2011: "I miss you so much bro!"
Theresa Sitcer lit a candle on 09/03/2011: "I grew up w/ the Ryan White Story and I just finished the book.... What a courageous and amazing person!!"
Kia Rhodes lit a candle on 08/29/2011: "Thought of you today. I was just ten when you passed but the impact has not changed. What an amazing soul! 4ver here.."
Derek Stubbs lit a candle on 08/06/2011: "You really helped me keep encouragement when i am really sick. THANK YOU VERY MUCH"
Abi lit a candle on 07/31/2011: "You are beautifull and so brave. You will always b in my heart! LOVE U ALWAYS R.I.P RYAN X"
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