Ryan White
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DEVON ZACERY lit a candle on 12/30/2012: "YOU ARE MY ROCK"
Isreal Greta lit a candle on 12/30/2012: "happy belated birthday love u forever"
Dawn Nicoll lit a candle on 12/07/2012: "Happy birthday ryan"
Helios Helfer lit a candle on 11/30/2012: "I still remember you"
Savanah Montijo lit a candle on 11/28/2012: "We'll never know why bad things happen to good people. those jerks had no right. love u Ryan"
Janelle Holman lit a candle on 11/16/2012: "i fell really srry for his mom loss of ryan i wish i could have helpt him through his sickness i would be his friend"
Ashley Cyr lit a candle on 11/15/2012: "You are such an insperation. The maturity you showed in how you handled your plight...It amazes me. Thank you so much."
Maggie Ramos lit a candle on 11/15/2012: "Ryan you are in our thoughts and hearts. Thank you for every thing you have taught us. Blessings Ryan"
:Damia Anderson lit a candle on 11/13/2012: "Dear ryan white, R.I.P. u inspire me and others. i like that u got 2 meet michelle jackson and u gt 2 see neverland!:)"
Damia Anderson lit a candle on 11/12/2012: "i just read about u. i think its so cool that all these peope look up to u and im one of them"
HEATHER FECTEAU lit a candle on 10/14/2012: "I read your story and you inspired me with your strength and courage,my sister-in-law died in 99 from aids ."
Kiya Jackson lit a candle on 09/30/2012: "I light this candle for you Ryan, i will always love and admire you! Please say hello to Michael King of pop."
Tyreanna Denton lit a candle on 09/24/2012: "R.I.P RYAN we all miss u we will survive and stay strong and fight for rights jst like u did"
Mia Hernandez lit a candle on 09/13/2012: "I've read your story, it touched my heart. like those we lost on9/11 u won't be forgotten"
Jasmine Evangelista lit a candle on 09/06/2012: "I love you Ryan."
Sierra Mason lit a candle on 08/27/2012: "I HAD TO DO A REPORT ON YOU AND I NEVER NOTICED UNTIL NOW HOW MUCH YOU WENT THREW YOU ARE ALWAYS on my mind R.I.P sorry"
John Kantie lit a candle on 08/22/2012: "Everyday I sit and think what a fine fellow you were, I'll always miss and think about you-always.Say hi to King of Pop"
Maria Baron lit a candle on 07/28/2012: "The behavior of all those involved at Western Middle School & in your community/church saddened me. God bless you always"
Maranita Channell lit a candle on 07/20/2012: "Ryan you are an angel and you have inspired me R.I.P my friend"
Sandra Branoff lit a candle on 06/27/2012: "Thinking of you..."
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