Ryan White
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Brianna Wentworth lit a candle on 06/05/2013: "Ryan, I'm sorry for everything you went through, and I hope you knew it wasn't your fault. RIP <3"
Aaron Drew lit a candle on 06/05/2013: "watched the movie, it's a shame something that bad had to happen to such a good kid."
Mark Buzzell lit a candle on 06/05/2013: "Just watched the movie it is amazing what you had to go through sorry"
Travis Fish lit a candle on 06/05/2013: "Peace.....You did Nothing wrong"
Bobby Wilder lit a candle on 06/05/2013: "Your one brave dude Ry, love you man
Yvonne lit a candle on 06/04/2013: "God Bless!!!"
Jason Crist lit a candle on 05/19/2013: "I didn't know Ryan, but I remember seeing him on TV when I was a kid and I want to send a memorial for him"
David Cole lit a candle on 04/30/2013: "Its hard to believe that its been 23 years since you left us way too soon. You are such an inspiration."
Lily Chelser lit a candle on 04/22/2013: "U r the best Ryan"
Tasha Ensley lit a candle on 04/20/2013: "rip Ryan white!"
Shanon ROulette lit a candle on 04/16/2013: "Rest in peace sweet angle. You are a great leader and a wonderful loving person. Thank you for all you have done!"
Haley Slosman lit a candle on 04/16/2013: "you had done nothing wrong ryan white"
Shannon Fisher lit a candle on 04/08/2013: "Miss you Ryan! 23 years...can it really be that long. You are never forgotten Ryan!"
Djurica Stankov lit a candle on 04/01/2013: "I still remember you"
Coco Parker lit a candle on 03/31/2013: "My children are now your age when you passed they know your story and will pass it on much love"
Christopher Spence lit a candle on 03/28/2013: "Although I didn't know you, I am still thinking of you. You made the world proud."
Jazmine Smith lit a candle on 03/26/2013: "Rip U will never be forgotten...."
Karli Vazquez lit a candle on 03/24/2013: "Ryan, you were an inspiration to the world. You fought for what was right and lived life to the fullest. I love you."
Lop Gik lit a candle on 03/14/2013: "sorry"
Christina Jackson lit a candle on 03/09/2013: "God bless you Ryan :) l hope youre free and happy now god always takes best god bless you and your family"
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